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The Conservative Energy Network (CEN) was launched in 2016 by conservatives, for conservatives, to support and connect state-based conservative clean energy and energy efficiency organizations throughout the nation.


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POLL: Majority of Americans support clean energy development, less likely to vote for candidate who opposes renewables

Conservative Energy Network post-election polling shows conservatives/Trump voters support ramping up clean energy to drive economic growth and job creation.

WASHINGTON— In newly released polling conducted after the election, more than 80 percent of voters surveyed indicated it is important for elected officials to share their views on energy, and 88 percent said they would likely oppose a candidate who does not support development and use of clean energy sources. Conservatives in particular expressed strong support for acceleration of clean energy, particularly when such development improves the economy and creates jobs.

Wind and Solar Energy Positively Impact Colorado’s Economy

The Western Way team contributed to an article in the Denver Business Journal on the economic impact of wind and solar out west. Renewable energy like solar and wind are integral to Colorado’s economic success – creating good-paying jobs and improving the local economy through millions of dollars paid out in property taxes. The revenue that state and local communities collect can then be used to fund development projects that improve schools or infrastructure the article states. In fact, “Colorado saw an estimated $1.3 billion worth of construction in the wind farms and solar power plant between 2000 and 2016, a figure that rises to $2.7 billion in economic impact when accounting for direct and indirect jobs.” Read more here.