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The Conservative Energy Network (CEN) was launched in 2016 by conservatives, for conservatives, to support and connect state-based conservative clean energy and energy efficiency organizations throughout the nation.


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Low Cost Solar, Wind, and Natural Gas Power Forces Closure of NGS

This post was written by Dru Bacon of the Conservative Alliance for Solar Energy (CASE), a Conservative Energy Network member.

Navajo Generating Station, NGS, is one of the largest and most polluting coal-fired power plants in the US. Although NGS is scheduled to operate for another 25 years, plant owners have decided to completely close the facility in 2019. Critics expected the plant to close because of expensive anti-pollution retrofit scheduled for 2022. However, the plant will close earlier because of significantly lower cost electricity sources available from the grid. Low cost solar, wind, and natural gas have undercut coal power generated by NGS. In good faith, plant owners could no longer justify charging their customers higher prices for NGS power when electric needs could be met with cheaper energy sources.

POLL: Majority of Americans support clean energy development, less likely to vote for candidate who opposes renewables

Conservative Energy Network post-election polling shows conservatives/Trump voters support ramping up clean energy to drive economic growth and job creation.

WASHINGTON— In newly released polling conducted after the election, more than 80 percent of voters surveyed indicated it is important for elected officials to share their views on energy, and 88 percent said they would likely oppose a candidate who does not support development and use of clean energy sources. Conservatives in particular expressed strong support for acceleration of clean energy, particularly when such development improves the economy and creates jobs.