The Conservative Energy Network (CEN) was launched in 2016 by conservatives, for conservatives, to support and connect state-based conservative clean energy and energy efficiency organizations throughout the nation. CEN works closely with members and allies in about 20 states to offer Conservative clean energy solutions that create jobs, spark innovation, conserve our resources, and protect our energy grid and national security.

Statement of Principles

Despite a strong tradition of Conservative leadership on clean energy policy exemplified by Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan, over the past few decades conservatives have allowed energy and conservation issues to be co-opted by the Left. The time is now to depoliticize the issue and for conservatives to once again lead on energy policy, offering solutions that encourage innovation, economic development and the utilization of homegrown renewable energy.

  • We believe to conserve is Conservative – the cheapest power plant is the one we don’t have to build.
  • We believe that a true “All of the Above” energy policy that emphasizes clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency will create local jobs, save ratepayers money, and attract significant investments in our states.
  • We believe that increasing our commitment to renewable energy will help diversify our energy portfolio and lessen our dependence on foreign oil from countries that are often hostile to American values and our way of life. By producing our own energy, we will have more control over our energy transition and we can adopt innovative energy solutions that protect our troops and improve the security of our energy grid and our nation.
  • We believe that energy policy is a critical issue for the future of our nation. With the right approach, conservatives in each state can once again lead on energy policy and encourage America’s clean energy transition.
  • We believe that ratepayers should have an active role in determining energy policy that is affordable, reliable and adaptable, and that protects our environment and public health.
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Mark Pischea


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Brittany Zwierzchowski Tisler

Executive Director

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Christina Abraham

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Jon Anderson

The Western Way

Dru Bacon

Conservative Alliance for Solar Energy

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Keith den Hollander

Christian Coalition of Michigan

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Tyler Duvelius

Christian Coalition of Ohio

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Mark Fleming

Conservatives for Clean Energy

Mike Franklin

Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum

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Ohio Conservative Energy Forum

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Christian Coalition of Florida

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Larry Ward

Michigan Conservative Energy Forum