CEN Adds External Affairs Director, Senior Communications Manager


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Conservative Energy Network Continues to Expand National Team March 1, 2021 – LANSING, Mich. – The Conservative Energy Network (CEN), a coalition of 21 state-based conservative clean energy organizations, today announced two promotions: Tyler Duvelius, director of external affairs, and Joanna Lewis, senior communications manager. Both are new positions that reflect CEN’s continued expansion and will increase […]

For Republicans, A Chance to Lead on Clean Energy


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By: Mark Pischea, President and CEO, Conservative Energy Network Despite the chaotic nature of the 2020 election and the doom and gloom prognostications of the death of the Republican Party, when the votes were tallied, a different story emerged. Far from being dead and buried, Republicans running down ballot actually outperformed Democrats—they picked up at least six seats in the House and had a historic night in state-level elections, […]

New Poll Shows Voters Want Climate and Clean Energy Solutions


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Mark Pischea of Conservative Energy Network noted, “you can embrace clean energy without comprising your conservative principles … This is an area that is ripe with opportunity for Republicans and smart Republicans will acknowledge the need to embrace a solution to clean energy and climate.”

Competition, Not Mandates, Will Secure our Energy Future


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As more consumers demand clean energy, it’s up to markets to respond. However, without policy solutions that advance real competition, and until our state and federal leaders reach consensus to replace our nation’s outdated and costly monopoly utility system, any progress is fleeting—and ratepayers will be stuck with the fallout.

Electric Competition in Texas: A Successful Model to Guide the Future


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Electric power has become a part of the state’s heritage of energy development because it has been able to serve the state’s continued growth. It is worth understanding how and why the Texas model of electric competition works well.

A Strong Message to FERC: Energy Policy Belongs to the States



A Strong Message to FERC: Energy Policy Belongs to the States “Iowans know the unique makeup of our state, and how it differs from other states around the country. The Iowa Utilities Board — people here in Iowa — not an agency in DC, should be in control of Iowa’s retail energy market.” Such were […]

Statewide Texas Poll Shows Strong Support Across Party Lines for Free Market Energy Solutions and Increased Competition


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Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI) today released its second annual statewide poll that demonstrates Texas voters’ strong support of public policies that encourage responsible clean energy solutions rooted in private sector innovation, entrepreneurship, and free market growth—as opposed to government interventions.

Commentary: For Hard-Hit Renewable Sector, Conversations in Congress show an Encouraging Trend


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It is encouraging to see conservatives leading discussions on these proposed plans, but we must act now to help revitalize and modernize America’s aging infrastructure and energy grids. Together, these proposed stimulus plans can help businesses turn the lights back on and get the country back to work for a brighter economic and energy future.

Viewpoint: Now More Than Ever, Energy Security Matters


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As we all react to this new normal and question how we could have prepared better, it’s past time to consider that much like the warnings of epidemiologists about a potential pandemic that went unheeded, energy experts have been raising red flags about the vulnerability of our nation’s electricity system for years.

To effectively meet this challenge and prepare for future crises, we must invest in a more adaptable grid solution, one that emphasizes a diversified energy portfolio of baseload and renewable sources and is structured around a more flexible workforce.

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