Infrastructure: Build America

There are gaping holes in grid infrastructure that need to be addressed to increase resiliency and keep America’s lights on.

Conservative leaders recognize the need for infrastructure reform and are ready to Build America Better, Stronger, and Safer.

Infrastructure reform needs to be laser focused on modernizing America’s infrastructure so that it is more secure, resilient, and efficient than ever before.

Investments in these technologies would mean:

✔ At Least $5 Billion in Annual Cost Savings

Over 300,000 Construction Jobs

✔ 20,000 Long-term Operations Jobs

Smart, targeted infrastructure reforms will produce a significant return on investment for the American taxpayer. A free market-led modernization of America’s infrastructure will—by its very nature—create a cleaner future without Big Government-imposed mandates like the Green New Deal.

It’s time to Build America Better, Stronger, and Safer – join us.

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