New Poll Shows Voters Want Climate and Clean Energy Solutions

Mark Pischea of Conservative Energy Network noted, “you can embrace clean energy without comprising your conservative principles … This is an area that is ripe with opportunity for Republicans and smart Republicans will acknowledge the need to embrace a solution to clean energy and climate.”

Competition, Not Mandates, Will Secure our Energy Future

As more consumers demand clean energy, it’s up to markets to respond. However, without policy solutions that advance real competition, and until our state and federal leaders reach consensus to replace our nation’s outdated and costly monopoly utility system, any progress is fleeting—and ratepayers will be stuck with the fallout.

A Strong Message to FERC: Energy Policy Belongs to the States

A Strong Message to FERC: Energy Policy Belongs to the States “Iowans know the unique makeup of our state, and how it differs from other states around the country. The Iowa Utilities Board — people here in Iowa — not an agency in DC, should

Editorial: Solar’s Future Should be Brighter

Now, however, as stated in Conservatives for Clean Energy’s platform: “Saving energy and taxpayer resources aligns perfectly with the goals of fiscal conservatism. Conservatives can and should lead on energy efficiency, as it matches our core values.” Now that the cost of solar panels is dropping, solar energy can now compete head-to-head more successfully with more traditional energy sources.

Letter to the Editor: Some Good News On Offer: Solar Powering Our Future

At the center of powering Ohio’s economic future and job creation will be the continued deployment of renewable energy technologies. Among the uncertainty of today, there is a ray of good news: the Ohio Power Siting Board – the state agency in charge of utility energy projects – has approved yet another significant solar project for Brown and Clermont Counties.