Hitting Back at Russia – An Energy Perspective


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Energy and foreign policy are inextricably linked. As Russian tanks cross borders in Eastern Europe it’s worth examining how energy is influencing events and considering the opportunities we have as Americans to strengthen our global position. First, it’s important to remember that energy requires infrastructure, and infrastructure is notoriously slow to build. Fast changes in […]

CEN Statement on United States Ban of Russian Oil


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CEN CONTACT: Tyler Duvelius – tduvelius@conservativeenergynetwork.org   The following statement can be attributed to Tyler Duvelius, director of external affairs, Conservative Energy Network: “CEN believes energy security is national security. That is why, in response to Russian aggression, we support President Biden’s decision to ban Russian oil and gas imports—following nearly a week […]

As Russia Attacks Ukraine, U.S. Energy Policy Takes Center Stage


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Last week, Russia invaded Ukraine, triggering a war that is destined to have a widespread effect on the whole world. While pundits in the media focus primarily on the impacts to the stock market, supply chains, and inflation, there should also be real concern about what this means for energy policy in the U.S. In […]

CEN Adds Special Projects Manager


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Conservative Energy Network Continues to Expand National Team FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECEN CONTACT: Joanna Lewis – jlewis@conservativeenergynetwork.org February 1, 2022 – LANSING, Mich. – The Conservative Energy Network (CEN), a coalition of 21 state-based conservative clean energy organizations, today announced the hire of Special Projects Manager Morgan Stanchak. This new position reflects the continued expansion of CEN’s national […]

Land & Liberty Coalition Launches in Virginia


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Virginia grassroots organization joins national coalition to empower local clean energy supporters Richmond, VA. (Aug 11, 2021) — On Monday, the Land & Liberty Coalition (L&LC), a project of Conservatives for Clean Energy – Virginia (CCE-VA), announced the launch of a Virginia chapter of the Land & Liberty Coalition. L&LC is a national grassroots organization that partners with local […]

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